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    Dear Visitors and Friends,

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    Today I received a lovely card, by post, from the Church I first attended when a teenager in Lancashire. They sent me greetings to celebrate the 50th anniversary of my baptism!  Wow… that was a special day; I can remember it so clearly… no I wasn’t a babe in arms… I was a teenager. It was the day that I made a very public commitment to follow Jesus Christ and commit the rest of my life to God.

    The year before, I had come across a group of people at school who were Christians. They told me how God had changed their lives.  I was keen to know more and started to go to the local church. I heard for the first time about how much God loved me and wanted the best for me. So much so, that Jesus had died for me, in my place, to take my punishment  - so that I might have a new relationship with God. 

    Slowly it began to dawn on me what a mess I was making of my own life – and how much I needed to put right the wrong things I had done.  Trying on my own had often got me into trouble – living life God’s way made perfect sense. I came to the point in my life where I asked God for forgiveness and trusted in Christ.  - I had an amazing sense of peace as the Holy Spirit began to work in me... prompting me, at times to go the extra mile, at times to stop what I was doing.  He (the Holy Spirit) helped me to see the world and the people around me through a different perspective, and to know God, giving me a true purpose in living for God.

    So the day of my baptism came – February 23 1964. It was Believer’s Baptism – the Bible commands us to believe and be baptised. On confession of my faith in Christ I was completely immersed in water in a huge tank that was built into the front of the church, and I was baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    These 50 years have been like a great adventure – through following the Lord, I have travelled the world serving Him. Four years ago He led me to Stoke Row to serve as Joint Pastor at the Chapel. Today I know as never before that the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end!  Thank you, Father God, for all the blessings which You have poured into my life; for the hope, the peace  and joy I know  more than ever walking with You today -  50 years on Your strength and encouragement are amazing. Amen!!

    Every blessing during the season of Lent,

    Sunday services at 10.30am are normally conducted by Revds David and Sonia Jackson.
    1st Sunday: Communion, 2nd Sunday: Family Worship. Last Sunday is usually a visiting preacher.

    If we can be of help in any way to you please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Every blessing

    We Pray you will find what your seeking

    David and Sonia Jackson
    Ministers Stoke Row Chapel
    A Christian Fellowship for Everyone



    Lord, as a Christian Fellowship at Stoke Row we give ourselves to You, whatever the cost may be, because Jesus gave Himself for us.

    Take every aspect of our lives, individually and as a community, cleanse us from our sin that we may be used for Your Kingdom and bring glory to Your Holy and Righteous Name. We are not here to do our own bidding, to seek our own fulfillment or our own glory. We are here to please You.

    We yield ourselves to You, to seek to know You, to love You, to obey You, and to grow in holy reverence as we seek to reflect Your light in our living in our community and beyond.

    We choose today to love and honour You and to live in Your way. We believe and trust in Your promises that You will walk with us and guide us through the coming days.

    We long to serve each other and be alongside each other as Jesus taught us - reaching out the hand of kindness and fellowship to each person we meet along the way.

    We trust You, Lord to do that which we cannot do for ourselves. We open our lives to be filled with Your Holy Spirit as by his grace he bestows on us His spiritual gifts in your Church.

    Teach us, lead us, and empower us to love and fear Your name; keeping us ever in Your constant love.

    In Jesus name we pray together,





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