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    Welcome to our web page this month. Christmas greetings to you all.

    Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

    Preparations for Christmas celebrations are now well under way. How can we hold on to the true sense of wonder – 

    know the joy, love, peace and hope that Jesus came to bring?

    Do you ever ask yourself the question  - ‘What is this all about?’ Things can get so complicated at this festive season – but for Jesus it was simple.   He left the glory of heaven to become human flesh – not a world leader, not a warrior, not even a local governor  - but a baby.  He was born in the humblest of circumstances: a borrowed stable, in an occupied land. But that did not prevent the glory in heaven being revealed as the angels rejoiced that God was willing to do everything possible to redeem humankind.

    Jesus came as one of us, to live among us and bring us peace.  Peace within and without. Peace with God as well as opening the way for us to live at peace with one another.  This was not the ‘peace- solution’ that the world offers – trying to resolve conflicts with a political agenda, but rather a peace which is about wholeness and well-being for everyone at every level : spiritual peace with God and emotional peace within ourselves, qualities that lead to a social peace within our relationships with others.

      Jesus continues to offer his peace to all those who will follow him, even today.  Many have found in Christ this peace that ‘passes all understanding’ and which takes our lives to new levels of hope and love. If you wish to know more about Jesus Christ or want to discuss faith issues please do contact us.

    We offer an invitation to look for Jesus amongst us this Christmas and, for any who wish, we open our doors and hearts and say ‘there is room’ to join us in our worship or celebrations over this wonderful season.  Why not come and experience the joy and peace of Christmas?  A joint community venture is Carols around the Well on Friday December 12th with mince pies and mulled wine served in the Village Hall afterwards.

    May we take the opportunity to wish all our readers a very Happy Christmas

      Every blessing to you all,

    Sonia and David                                                           



    01491 680793

    Regular services continue and our Christmas services at Stoke Row Chapel include:-

    Dec 14th              10.30am Salvation Army Songsters

    Dec 21st               10.30am  All age Family Nativity and Carols – join us and become part of the Christmas story.. dress as one of the characters – a shepherd, an angel, a wise man, an inn keeper…

    Dec 24th               11.30pm Candlelit Carols and Watch Night Service with Communion

    Dec 25th               10.30 – 11.15am Short Family Christmas Day Service


















    Christian Fellowship for Everyone
    Lord, as a Christian Fellowship at Stoke Row we give ourselves to You, whatever the cost may be, because Jesus gave Himself for us.

    Take every aspect of our lives, individually and as a community, cleanse us from our sin that we may be used for Your Kingdom and bring glory to Your Holy and Righteous Name. We are not here to do our own bidding, to seek our own fulfillment or our own glory. We are here to please You.

    We yield ourselves to You, to seek to know You, to love You, to obey You, and to grow in holy reverence as we seek to reflect Your light in our living in our community and beyond.

    We choose today to love and honour You and to live in Your way. We believe and trust in Your promises that You will walk with us and guide us through the coming days.

    We long to serve each other and be alongside each other as Jesus taught us - reaching out the hand of kindness and fellowship to each person we meet along the way.

    We trust You, Lord to do that which we cannot do for ourselves. We open our lives to be filled with Your Holy Spirit as by his grace he bestows on us His spiritual gifts in your Church.

    Teach us, lead us, and empower us to love and fear Your name; keeping us ever in Your constant love.

    In Jesus name we pray together,





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