• What do you see when you look at the cross?           

    For some it speaks of foolishness; many laugh at the cross, take Jesus’ name as a swear word, think of His followers as those who need help! Or (if not so extreme) Christians are seen as the weak of this world who need a crutch to lean on.

    For many the cross can look like a T.  T for Truth - at the Cross we find truth about God, man, life, death, suffering, purpose, about eternal life.   For others it looks like an I crossed out? I am selfish. Life is all about me: what I want to do or say, where I want to go - the list goes on and on! As God’s people, we have to learn to live with one another as the church and to serve Him and one another. At the Cross, ‘I’ is no longer the centre of my life – the Cross is! The cross is a sign-post offering us two ways. The path of self;  the Bible calls the broad road and the path to God; the Bible calls the narrow road. The Cross of Jesus challenges us to make up our mind.

    We see in the cross a man with arms wide open - Jesus. This is what Christianity is. It is not a set of rules to be rigorously followed with dire consequences  -  it is an invitation from Jesus. ‘Come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest’. Come to me says Jesus and I will give you my love, my peace, my hope and my care. No one is alone if they look to the Cross. The Cross of Jesus brings me great comfort.

    The Cross is made up of a vertical and a horizontal beam. The vertical, firmly embedded in this world, is rooted and grounded in human experience. This vertical line leads our eyes upwards to the spiritual realm and guides our minds up to God. The horizontal line reaches out to the world - Christianity is not just a personal faith, it is a shared one reaching out to others. Notice that the horizontal beam is supported by the vertical. A person may have a strong social conscience and say ‘I do not go to church but I serve others’, without the vertical dimension of worship, the horizontal falls to the ground and is weakened.

    Look again at the Cross. It is empty. We do not worship a dead figure of history but a living Lord. Jesus. experienced the Cross the punishment of death - and overcame it! Jesus is alive and offers us eternal life if we follow Him.   We all have our own crosses to bear, our weak human bodies, our character faults, our worries, our responsibilities and our failures – but if we turn to lay down our burdens at the foot of the Cross of Jesus we can know the release from all our cares as God hears and walks our journey of life with us.

    Come and explore the meaning of the Cross and celebrate Easter–

    Maundy Thursday 19.00:  Tenebrae Service - remembering Jesus’ last supper

    Good Friday 10.30 :         Around the Cross – Jesus bore our shame

    Easter Sunday 10.30:       Celebration of New Life

    Every blessing to you all!  

    David and Sonia

    01491 680793                  stokerowchapel@btinternet.com


    Services at the Chapel on Sundays are at 10.30am. Everyone is welcome to join us.

    Christian Fellowship for Everyone

    Lord, as a Christian Fellowship at Stoke Row we give ourselves to You, whatever the cost may be, because Jesus gave Himself for us.

    Take every aspect of our lives, individually and as a community, cleanse us from our sin that we may be used for Your Kingdom and bring glory to Your Holy and Righteous Name. We are not here to do our own bidding, to seek our own fulfillment or our own glory. We are here to please You.

    We yield ourselves to You, to seek to know You, to love You, to obey You, and to grow in holy reverence as we seek to reflect Your light in our living in our community and beyond.

    We choose today to love and honour You and to live in Your way. We believe and trust in Your promises that You will walk with us and guide us through the coming days.

    We long to serve each other and be alongside each other as Jesus taught us - reaching out the hand of kindness and fellowship to each person we meet along the way.

    We trust You, Lord to do that which we cannot do for ourselves. We open our lives to be filled with Your Holy Spirit as by his grace he bestows on us His spiritual gifts in your Church.

    Teach us, lead us, and empower us to love and fear Your name; keeping us ever in Your constant love.

    In Jesus name we pray together,



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